Application Forms

APPL-01 Application for Permit to Purchase / Possess pdf  
QF-NTC-004 Application for Construction Permit pdf  
QF-NTC-002 Application for Radio Station License (RSL) pdf  
APPL-04 Application for Modification of RSL pdf  
APPL-05 Application for Ship Radio Station License pdf  
APPL-06 Application for Aircraft Radio Station License pdf  
APPL-07 Application for TVRO Registration, TVRO / CATV Station License pdf  
QF-NTC-003 Application for Renewal of PTE Station License pdf  
APPL-09 Application for Permit to Sell / Transfer pdf  

Application for Mobile Phone Dealer (MPD) / Mobile Phone Retailer/Reseller (MPRR) /Mobile Phone Service Center (MPSC) Permit

APPL-11 Application for VAS Registration pdf  
APPL-12 Application for Registration of SRD / WDN / RFID pdf  
APPL-14 Application for Registration of Radio Transceiver pdf  
APPL-14 Application for Registration (Amnesty) pdf  
APPL-15 Application for Radio Operator Certificate pdf  
APPL-16                                  Application for Radio Dealer / Manufacturer / Service Center Permit pdf  
ntcr7 - 01 Application for Cellphone Blocking pdf word
ntcr7 - 02 Complaint Form on Malicious, etc. Text Messages pdf word
ntcr7 - 03 Application form for Amateur Radio Operator Examination pdf word
ntcr7 - 04 Radio Sales and Stock Report Form pdf word
ntcr7 - 05
Application form for Wireless Data Network(WDN) pdf word
QF-ESD-001 Application for Type Approval / Acceptance Certificate pdf  
QF-ESD-002 Application for Correction/Modification and/or Replacement of Lost/Mutilated Type Approval/Accepttance Certificate pdf  
ntcr7 - 07 Information Sheet pdf word
QF-CRS-001 Application for Duplicate pdf  
ntcr7 - 09 Application for Permit to Transport radio equipment pdf word
ntcr7 - 10 Application for Permit to Possess pdf word
ntcr7 - 11 Application form for Radio Operator Examination  pdf word 
ntcr7 - 12 Application form for Spread Spectrum FX-SST pdf word
ntcr7 - 13 WDN Sales and Stock Report Form pdf word
ntcr7 - 14 Application for Permit to Purchase / Possess (Local Version) pdf word
ntcr7 - 15 Mobile Phone Sales and Stock Report Form pdf word
ntcr7 - 16 FOI Request Application Form pdf  
ntcr7 - 17 WDN Radio Antenna Particulars pdf  
ntcr7 - 18 Application for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Supplier/Dealer pdf word