MC-03-06-2019 Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 11202 Otherwise Known as the “Mobile Number Portability Act”
MC-01-05-2019 Rules and Regulations on Unlocking of Mobile Phones and Devices
MC-12-03-2018 Document Verification Report on the Requirements Submitted by the Provisional New Major Player
MO-04-12-2018 Uninterrupted Telecommunications Services During the Holiday Season
MC-09-09-2018 Rules and Regulations on the Selection Process for a New Major Player in the Philippine Telecommunications Market
MC-05-07-2018 Interconnection Charge for Short Messaging Services and Voice Service
MC 04-07-2018 Amendment to MC No. 06-07-2016, Lifting the Suspension of the Implementation of the 4-Digit Exchange Codes for Area Code “02”
MC-03-04-2018 Guidelines on Electronic Billing (E-Billing)
MC DRAFT Rules and Regulations on National Roaming
MO-10-10-2017 Public Telecommunication Entity (PTE) Identifier Within Local Exchange Area Code “02”
MO-06-06-2017 Filing of Applications for Renewal of Radio Station Licenses Expiring in the Last Quarter of Each Year
MC DRAFT Frequency Sharing And Coordination Between Fixed Satellite And Fixed Service Systems
MC 09-11-2016 Interconnection Charge For Voice Service
MC 07-08-2016 Fixed Wireless Systems operating in the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz bands
MC 06-07-2016 Lifting the Suspension of the Implementation of the 4-Digit Exchange Codes for Area Code "02"
MC 03-07-2015 Addendum on the Guidelines for internet service providers in the implementation of RA 9775 (Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009)
MC 01-01-2014 Guidelines for Internet Service Providers in the Implementation of RA 9775 (Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009)
MO 01-02-2013 Prohibition Of Portable Cellular Mobile Repeater And Portable Cell Site Equipment
MC 02-10-2011 Interconnection Charge for Short Messaging Service
MC 01-03-2010 Rules on the assignment of the Remaining Allocated 3G Radio Frequency Band
MC 05-07-2009 Guidelines on unit of Billing of Mobile Voice Service
MC 03-06-2009 Service Performance Standards for the Cellular Mobile Telephone Service
MC 06-10-2008 Rules on the Mandatory Interconnection of Cable Landing Stations to Backhaul Networks
MC 10-07-2007 Mandating the Development of Reference Access offers (RAO) to facilitate fair and expeditious interconnection or access between service providers
MC 09-07-2007 Rules on the Interconnection of Local Exchange Carriers in Local Calling Areas
MC 04-06-2007 Data Log Retention of Telecommunications Traffic
MC 07-08-2005 Rules and Regulations on the Allocation and Assignment of 3G Radio Frequency bands
MC 02-02-2004 Ocular Inspections of all Radio Stations operated by public Telecommunications Entities (PTE)
MC 04-05-2003 Non-Posting of Certificate of Registration of the Radio Units of Subscribers of Public Trunked Radio System
MC 12-09-02 Requiring a minimum number of Stations on all Applications for Auhority to Establish, Operate and Maintain a Non-Carrier Trunked Radio Communications Network
MC 08-09-95 Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 7925 RE: An Act to Promote and Govern the Development of Philippine Telecommunications and the Delivery of Public Telecommunications Services
MC 07-07-86 Implementing Procedures for the Interconnection and Operation of  cordless Telephones