MC 02-03-2016 Sale and Labeling of ISDB-T Receivers
MC 02-03-2016A ISDB-T Standards Annex A
MC 09-09-2003 Wireless Data Networks and Devices
MC 15-10-98 Guidelines in the Accreditation of SRRS Sales Outlet
MC 11-08-96 Suspension of Application for New Radio Service Center, Dealer and Manufacturer
MC 09-12-95 Recognition of the Radion Telecom Dealers Association of the Philippines (RTDAP)
MC 03-01-95 Sale, Importation and use of Amateur Radio Equipment
MC 17-10-92 Issuance of Demonstration/Propagation Test Permit
MC 14-09-92 Rules and Regulations Governing the Registration and Licensing of Satellite Television Receive Only (TVRO) Stations in the Philippines
MC 09-08-91 Guidelines in the Sale, Purchase and Importation of Various Radio Communications Equipment Intended for use in Private and Government-Owned Radio Communications Networks
MC 02-05-88 Rules and Regulations Governing the Manufacture, Acquisition, Sale and Service of Radiocommunication Equipment
MC 01-04-88 Rules and Regulations Governing Equipment Provided by Customers / Subscribers of Public Networks