MC 02-03-2013 Frequency Allocation for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) and for other Applications in the Mobile Service
MC 11-09-2002 Requiring Minimum Number of Stations to Applications for Authority to Establish, Operate and Maintain A Conventional Non-Carrier Radio Communications Network
MC-09-07-96 Amending memorandum circular No. 11-21-88 (PRS)
MC-02-01-92 UHF Radio Frequency Allocation for Personal Radio Service (PRS)
MC 10-08-91 Criteria for the Grant of Commercial Radio Station Licenses
MC 10-18-90 Rules and Regulations Governing Public Repeater Network Services in the Philippines
MC-12-26-88 Guidelines and Procedures for the grant of authorization under the government personal radio service to certain members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government to acquire and operate radiocommunications equipment.
MC 11-21-88 Implementing Rules and Regulations Governing the Authorization, Installation, Operation, etc. of the Personal Radio Service in the Philippines
MC 01-03-88 Procedure in the Purchase of Radio Transcievers from Abroad
DO 11 General Rules and Regulations Governing the Construction, Installation, Establishment or Operation of Radio Stations and the Possession or Ownership, Construction or Manufacture, Purchase, Sale and Transfer of Transmitter or Transceivers in the Philippines